The Digital Media Art & Design (DMAD) degree prepares students to enter the quickly expanding field of digital media.  The degree focuses specifically on how visual media such as digital photography, videography, and graphic design are used to promote ideas in the contemporary world of visual language and media communication.  Understanding both the technical and the conceptual processes to produce captivating and affective imagery allows students to enter the job market through a variety of positions according to the strengths of the individual.

Through a uniquely designed progression of courses students become fluent in both conceptual visual language and efficient technical practices, which build the foundation necessary to compete in an industry that is continually evolving.


Jobs in Digital Media:

Advertising Photography (freelance or staff)

User Experience Designer

Fine Art Photography

Photojournalism and Editorial (freelance or staff)

Wedding and Portrait Photography

Corporate Photography (freelance or staff)

Industrial photography (freelance or staff)

Web Designer

Multi-media Production

Technical and Medical photography

Stock Photography

Social Media/Social Networking

Graphic Designer

Digital Retouching

User Interface Designer

Electronic Services

Project Manager

Assistant (freelance or staff)

Stylist (prop, hair and makeup, food etc.)

Photo Librarian/Archivist

Account Manager

Art Director


Media Sales Representative